Fishing Pictures

196819671966196519641963196219601959195819571957100_6684100_6682Big St GermainMinocqua Chain Weigh InLittle St Germain Weigh InChip sm1 Chip sm2 Crappie 1Evansville bunch1 Gene sm1 Jackson np1 Jim Cleary sm1 Jim Cleary sm2 Nick sm1 Phil sm1 Ryan muskie1 Ryan npike1 Ryan npike2Ted Frejek sm1 Tom Hayes sm1 Cooks1 Jon sm1 Mark lm1 Michelle lm1 Jamie 1IMG_0510  IMG_0509 IMG_0508 IMG_0507 IMG_0510 IMG_0512  IMG_0514 IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0517  IMG_0519 IMG_0520 IMG_0521  IMG_0513 IMG_0512 IMG_0511 IMG_0507IMG_0524 IMG_0515 IMG_0527 IMG_0518 IMG_0529 IMG_0533 IMG_0536 IMG_0537 IMG_0535SAM_0349 SAM_0354 SAM_0355 SAM_0358 SAM_0366 SAM_0387 SAM_0377 SAM_0383 SAM_0371 SAM_0367SAM_0396 SAM_0400 (2) SAM_0401 SAM_0407 SAM_0406 SAM_0409 IMG_0537 trout smallie2 North Twin Bass Mike Largemouth Scott at Sturgeon Bay Nick2 at Sturgeon Bay Clear Lake Big Fish Pickerel Lake Picture Andy in boat1 Andy largemouth 1 Andy largemouth 2Rick1 Chip on boat Chip largemouth on Tomahawk Lake Andy smallmouth Lesa and Naula Sarah Driving Pontoon Boom Open 2015

Post Lake Weigh In

Post Lake Weigh In

Ryan Michelle Largemouth Ryan Michelle Smallmouth SAM_0419image1(1) image1(2) image1(3) image1(4) IMG_0027 IMG_0004 IMG_0002 IMG_0037 Nick1 at Sturgeon Bay Chip at Sturgeon Bay Brisket2 at Sturgeon Bay Brisket1 at Sturgeon Bay IMG_0042

One thought on “Fishing Pictures

  1. Holy Cow!!! You have surely fished all the fish from those lakes around your cottage!!! I think of how much my Dad would have enjoyed being up there and fishing with his grandsons!! Im so glad Leland got to catch a few too, both there and in Minn!! So many nice memories. Thank you for sharing with us!!!


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