What a great summer!

Seemed like spring would never spring!   And then it did!

As is the usual case, Scott Hootman and I headed south towards the middle/end of April to hunt turkey.  We had a lot of rain this year so we didn’t get out very early in the mornings – it’s just no fun to turkey hunt in the rain.   But we kept after it – and eventually we called in a couple of hot toms.    We were on the edge of a woods facing towards the open field.   I was able to call in the birds from behind us through the woods.   They came in running towards our decoys – they were only about 18 yards at most from us.   I took the first shot because they were closer to me and Hooter followed with a quick shot almost immediately after my shot.   They took off running and we had to fire subsequent shots to end their run.   They were two beautiful birds and will taste great on the smoker this summer!

hooter and me toms

Andy came back down south with me the following week – he’s got the urge to harvest a turkey with a bow.    So he and I set up some ground blinds about 15 yards apart in a fence row.   Again, we had to fight the rainy weather, but we kept after it and I was able to call in 16 birds.   But with Andy’s using a bow, we had to build his blind with a pretty large opening to be able to draw his bow and shoot.   And because of that opening, he got “busted” every time by the birds.   However, he really got to see a lot of birds and had one tom at full strut within 25 yards – just not visible down his shooting line.    Here’s a pic of Andy still in his blind…

Andy Blind 1

I then went downstate the next week again to hunt the fourth season.   Of course, I set up in the same fence row blind where Andy and I saw so many birds the week before.   I had a lot of problems with hunters coming in past me to hunt the land just west of me – and that was very frustrating.   However, I saw several turkeys but just couldn’t get them in close enough for a shot…except for a jake that came within probably 20 yards with a pretty decent beard.   I had the red dot on his head as I went back and forth in my mind trying to decide whether to harvest him or not.   In the end I decided that I would let him live to mature another year – I let him move slowly across the field in front of me.

Lesa and I have always wanted to have bees and so this year we decided to start out own beehive.   We ordered bees, got a bee hive set up and got ready to dive into the honey pool.   We’re taking on this adventure with Mark and Sandy Lawinger, and James Wagner.  The bees came and we installed the bee package.   It’s been a great deal of fun and so far the bees seem to be doing well.    We won’t get honey this year – we’ll save it for the bees to use over the winter.   Next year however, we expect to harvest some Glen Elly honey!   Here a few pics of us installing the honey, checking for the queen and otherwise taking care of the bees.   More to come!

We continue to see more moose up here in the northwoods.   Here’s a pic of 3 moose just a few miles away from the cottage.   I didn’t take this picture, but copied it from someone who did.  I sure hope we keep getting them back in the area.


I’ve fished a couple of tournaments this year and just haven’t done well.  I landed in 7th place the first tournament and 5th place the second tournament.  The second tournament though I did better less than a pound and a quarter out of the money – one better fish would have really helped me.  But that’s the way it goes.   The important thing is to enjoy the outing, catch fish, and continue to learn.   Here are a couple of pics of the first two tournaments.

So far it’s been a great summer.   I’ve upgraded the electronics on my boat – I’ve added a couple of Helix 12’s.   They’re pretty amazing – and I have much to learn about how to use them most effectively.   But hey!, I’ve got all summer – let the fun continue!

See you on the water!

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