Well, it’s Monday, the 23rd of March….and it’s snowing again….big sigh!…..SOMEBODY GET ME OFF THIS DEVIL MACHINE!  Enough is enough!

Actually, as you can tell from other areas of this blog I enjoy snow when it comes to snowmobiling….but when the trails are closed and we’re slowly inching our way towards “soft” water, it just never seems to come quick enough.   Fishing is and always has been my outdoor passion.  Of course I like snowmobiling, and of course I like hunting (especially turkey hunting!), but fishing…that’s my favorite.   Whether it’s the “tick” of a bass sucking in a plastic worm…or the jerk of a smallie smashing a grub cranked along a drop off – just something about that feeling.   Heck, I even enjoy sitting on a pontoon boat, finding a drop into deep water and cranking up crappie.   Bass always make it back into the water after I catch them….crappie, well, maybe not so much.   There’s not much better than a mess of fried crappie.  Like I said previously – I just can’t wait for soft water!

Wanted to share with you a new website that I think you’ll enjoy.   One of my fishing buddies – Beckie Joki – also a member of the Hodag Bassmaster Club has a new website.  I think you’ll have fun reading her posts.   I’ve fished with her in tournaments and she’s not only a good fisherperson but she’s also fun to fish with too.  Please check out her website .  Let her know what you think!

One thought on “Fishing

  1. Thanks so much for your kind word, Chip! I am happy you joined the club and we’ve had some really good times fishing together. It’s great to see you blogging! I will be following along as you go. I look forward to your posts!


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