I’m a week away from sitting with Mr. Mossberg in a ground blind …. just waiting for ol’ Tom to come struttin’ into the view of my Red Dot scope….. Weather this week is supposed to be rainy – hopefully there won’t be a lot of rain north of us that will cause the Little Wabash to get outside it’s banks.  And it’s supposed to be pretty dry the week we hunt with temperatures being great – lows in the high 50’s and highs in the 70’s.   Should be absolutely perfect!

I’ve put together my packing list for the trip.  It’s amazing how much “stuff” it takes to turkey hunt properly.   So now for the next couple of days I’ll be packing and stacking.  And actually, that’s a lot of fun too – the anticipation of the hunt is often as enjoyable as the hunt itself….Of course, tagging a bird is pretty exciting too.  Will never forget my first turkey.  Was hunting with my cousin Bruce and a couple of jakes came in from the north as we were facing east.  Just before I squeezed the trigger I sent up a little prayer asking for an accurate and clean shot.   The Lord answered my prayer and the bird was quickly mine…and a tasty one it was!

I’m using a new decoy this year – Avian X – it’s a feeder decoy.  I’ll probably bring a couple of other decoys that I have.  Seems like the last couple of years the birds became kinda “decoy shy”.  In fact the last turkey I harvested was an outing when I didn’t even put out a decoy.  We’ll see how it goes this year – I’ll let the birds tell me what they’re looking for….


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