First Day of the Trip!

My brother Phil arrived about 2:30 on Thursday. After quickly unloading his car we visited a while and then headed to Sister’s for an adult beverage.

We grabbed a sandwich at Sister’s and then came home, grabbed a couple of rods and reels and headed out on the pontoon boat. It was really windy but we were still able to crank in 10 or 11 bass.   Was a lot of fun to fish together and great to catch some good fish.

Friday we were up by 6:30 for some coffee and a light breakfast.   After breakfast we headed over to Lake Minocqua.   We started fishing some docks and brought some nice largemouth to the boat.   Saw a few smallies on the beds, caught a few and quickly released them back to their business. Rain finally drove us off the lake and we headed back to the cottage.

Once back home I changed a water pressure gauge in the Triton and then we got tackle ready for Saturday.   I have a tournament on Little St Germain and Phil’s going to do some fishing on the pontoon boat until I get back. Think it may be tough because of the cold front that’s headed our way.   But that’s fishing, Hopefully tomorrow night I can provide a good report for both of us!

Fuzzy, Jackson, Gene, and Bill are arriving Saturday afternoon to fish for 5+ days.   It should be, as usual, a ton of fun! Can’t wait!

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