More August fishing!

The dog days of summer don’t always equate to poor fishing!

I’ve enjoyed my fishing outings in August. It’s been really hot but overall the fishing has been pretty good.

In my last posting I mentioned that we were going to fish Trout Lake on the 15th of August. However we found out that there was a limit of one fish over 18”. We could have done a paper tournament but that’s really not as much fun. So we decided to move the tournament to Pickerel Lake.   Pickerel Lake is between Woodruff/Minocqua and Saint Germain.   It’s a nice size lake, maybe 500 acres. It’s really weedy with the deepest part of the lake being 17 feet deep.

I practiced fished the lake the week before the tournament with Steve Trimper. We found fish in lily pads in three bays, under certain docks, and in the mouth of the river that comes into the north part of the lake.   I decided that was where I’d focus my tournament time.

My partner for the tournament was Rick Eby.   Rick has a good knowledge of how to fish weedy lakes.   Between the two of us I was hoping we’d find fish.

The day dawned hot and still – not much wind at all. We fished the spots I had practiced fish and both Rick and I did well. There were several club members that didn’t fish the tournament but it was still exciting for Rick to get big fish for the tournament (3.81 lb) and for me to squeak out a 1st place finish with 12.26 lbs. There was only .44 lb difference between Rick and my total weights.   I really enjoyed fishing with him and felt blessed that we had both done well.

Here’s a picture of Rick and me with a couple of our fish…..


Pickerel Lake Picture

After the tournament, I headed back to the cottage and relaxed with Lesa, Andy, and Sarah. After spending all day in the hot sun, it felt great to be in the shade and chill out a bit. We went out on the pontoon boat and putt-putted around Madeline and Carroll.   Sarah drove the boat and Lesa shared a seat with Naula…

Sarah Driving Pontoon

Lesa and Naula

On Sunday, Andy and Sarah and I went to Tomahawk Lake to catch some fish.   We drop shotted for smallies on deep water humps for a while but it was pretty windy so we headed into some protective areas to fish for some largemouth….below are some pics of the fish we caught…..

Andy smallmouth

Chip largemouth on Tomahawk Lake

Andy largemouth 2

Andy largemouth 1

Was a lot of fun and made for a great day on the water.

One thought on “More August fishing!

  1. Sounds to me like y’all did mighty well for a hot August day. Always considered mid-August for fishing kind of like mid-October for bow hunting deer – the proverbial “lull” period. Obviously know where the fishing talent abides in the Bennett family!!!


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