The Journey Continues

I’ve really had fun fishing this summer….even though some days are better fishing days than others!

After fishing with Andy and Sarah, we headed home the next day on Monday. And then I turned around and headed back up north the next day to fish with my brother Phil. We had a tournament in Rhinelander – The Boom Lake Open. This tournament is our main fund raiser and it’s a lot of fun. There were 34 boats (teams) in this year’s tournament.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Phil and I got to fish together for 3 days before the tournament. On Wednesday morning it was raining. We waited at the house for 2 ½ hours before finally heading to Trout Lake. The wind was howling with strong gusts but we threw the boat in the water anyway. It was really difficult to hold the boat in any single location. Phil hooked and lost a couple of fish but that was about all the action we had. It was clearly not a good day to fish.   So we decided to head out.

On the way home we stopped at Big Muskellunge. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t deep enough at the ramp to be able to get the boat in the water. So we continued home for the evening.

The next day was pretty similar to the first day. It was very windy, but now nature threw in rain as well. We pulled the boat to Two Sisters to pre-fish for a tournament I have there in September. It also had a shallow ramp but we got the boat in and headed out to fish.   We caught several fish but nothing real large. The wind blew continuously and again made for a difficult day of fishing. It was fun though, just getting to fish together again.

Friday was a day of rest and preparation for the tournament which took place on Saturday and Sunday. We spent a lot of time getting our tackle ready and getting the boat ready. At 4:00 we headed over to Rhinelander to Boom Lake to help get ready for the tournament the next day.

Saturday morning we were up by 3:45 am to pack a lunch, pack some water, hook the boat up and then head for Rhinelander. We got there about 5:20 am and begin checking livewells as boaters arrived for the tournament.   At 7:00 am we all took off for the day.

The theme of the day wasn’t much different than the prior day….wind, wind, and more wind. Phil and I didn’t do very well – we caught only one fish…it was a 2.37 smallie. We weren’t very happy with our catch but a lot of teams struggled with over have of the 34 teams catching 2 or less fish.   The wind was a big factor in everyone’s productivity.

Sunday arrived with a forecast of lots of rain and windy conditions with gusts up to 40 mph. When will this wind die down!!??

We headed up river again and caught a couple of keeper largemouth. We caught some shorts too and missed some great blow ups and bites. It was fun.   But we still only had two fish with 45 minutes to go until we had to be back at the launch.   So we made the long run from up the river back to the main lake. We had 15 minutes to spare so we decided to fish a shore line close to the launch. Right away I was in to a big fish but it came unbuttoned – I never got a chance to see what it was.   Then Phil hooked up with a nice smallie that we brought to the boat. It measured! Then I hooked up with a largemouth that we netted and it measured too!   We were out of time though and couldn’t spend anymore time fishing. We ran the last couple hundred yards to the launch and pulled out the boat out of the water.

Our catch turned out to be 4 fish for 8.82 lbs.   Even though that weight was pretty low, it was a decent bag given how the rest of the field did. It turned out to be the 4th largest bag of the day. It’s too bad we had done so poorly the first day. But that’s fishing!

Here’s a picture of our fish on Sunday.

.Boom Open 2015


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