Still Enjoying Winter in the Northwoods!

While the winter has been a little bit “here and there”, we’ve still managed to put in some miles!

Riding with Gary and Jen
Gary and Jen drove all the way from Nebraska to snowmobile. Gary visited last year to ride, but this was Jen’s first trip to snowmobile.

While the trails weren’t perfect by any stretch, we were able to get out and put the sleds through their paces.

We visited the usual places including Sayner, Star Lake, and St. Germain. There were several people on the trails but we still found some enjoyable trails to ride.




After riding all day, the girls were tired and took naps, but Gary and I took advantage of the late afternoon/evening to have a fire on the ice. It was the first one of the season and was really enjoyable.





The next day Gary and I hit the trails while the girls went shopping.
Here’s a picture as Gary and I are ready to ride out of the garage….



Jen got a couple of nice pictures out of the living room window as Gary and I headed out to the trails….




Gary and I took time to relax and stopped along the trail for a quick picture…



I know it was a long driving trip for Gary and Jen but really enjoyed spending time with them.


Riding with the Lawingers!
Mark and Sandy came up to snowmobile during the long President’s Day weekend. The Lawingers have come up several times and we enjoy spending time with them. Lesa and Sandy have worked together a lot of years and Mark and I have become good friends as well through that connection.

They arrived about noon on Saturday. The temperature was cold and did not get out of the lower single digits. So we decided that we’d spend the afternoon visiting and would hit the trails on Sunday when the temperature was warmer and hopefully less riders on the trails.

We had a lot of action at the bird feeder outside the kitchen window – loved to see Woody back at the feeder!



We decided to have dinner out and booked a reservation at The White Oak Grill. Lesa and I had never been there before but it was a good gamble. The atmosphere was great and the food was just as good. Will be a place we frequent in the future.

The temperature continued to drop and by the time we got home after dinner it was at -10 degrees! It continued to drop during the night and when we woke up Sunday morning it was -15 degrees. But as forecasted, it quickly warmed up to the teens above zero and we headed out to ride.

Here’s a picture of Mark and Sandy on the trail (Lesa’s on the sled behind them).



We had a great ride and look forward to more visits in the northwoods with the Lawingers.

Riding Further North
I came up on Tuesday night the 16th of February to ride on the 17th with a friend that lives up here most of the time. It was a great ride. We rode really far north up to the edge of the Upper Peninsula. We rode to Land of Lakes, then over to Conover, and then down to St. Germain. In all I rode about 110 miles. 110 miles is not such a long ride, but the ride was spectacular. Weather was perfect too! Being that far north the trails were in great shape. Couple the trails being in great shape with the ride being on a Wednesday with few people on the trails and we had a fantastic ride! We stopped at Bauer’s Dam Resort, Black Oak Grill, and Twilight. I had never been on those trails up north nor obviously had I stopped at those places. So the day was really fun – all new turf/trails to me!

Is it Over?

I’m a little sad today (Thursday) because this afternoon the forecast is to get rain/sleet and then rain tomorrow. So I may be done riding for this year. I’m glad though that if I’m done for the year, at least I ended the year with an unbelievable ride!

This morning as I sipped coffee, I snapped a quick picture through the living room window. You can see my trail of rides past – heading out to the sunrise…. it represents a lot of fun visits and rides of 2016. It’s been a wonderful winter – life is truly good!

One thought on “Still Enjoying Winter in the Northwoods!

  1. It sounds like you have had a good season, Bro, and accumulated memories that are more precious than gold. Regardless of how bad things may get, it’s those wonderful memories of exciting and enjoyable past events that keep us heading in the positive direction. Cherish them always!!


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