Winter is here!!!!

Winter has arrived! (well, kinda….)

It’s always so exciting to head out on that first snowmobile run – and this year was no different!   The pic below is looking over the windshield as I idle to the top of the launch pad and begin the slide down to the trail through our woods to the lakes and on to the trails themselves.


We had some great snow this year after it finally got going.   Ryan and Michelle and Lesa and I got up north on a Tuesday as we got 10 to 12 inches of snow.   Timing couldn’t have been more perfect!



We got ready to head out on Wednesday which means bundling up, getting helmets on etc….



And then we get the sleds running…..


Trails were great, and after about 15 miles we decided it was time for a quick stop….the sleds in the foreground are our four sleds and you can see a few of several sleds in the background.



We had a nice, but short day of riding and then headed back to the cottage.

On Thursday, we decided to do a little ice fishing.   It was pretty cold though as temps were beginning to plunge.     However, fish were still biting, and after a short outing we brought in a small catch.



….of which Ryan turned into delightful fare….


After relaxing a bit, we headed out to Sister’s Saloon for dinner.   They’ve really upped their culinary game and really put out some great meals!   We had the usual duck strips and then steaks, scallops and pork belly, and fried perch.  What a great meal!




Friday morning I met Steve Osterling for breakfast at Northern Café.  We had a great time and enjoyed some really great food.   The temp was -20 when I pulled into the Café.  When we left after breakfast, I think the temp was a balmy -10!  It was good to catch up with Steve and we’re hoping we’ll get a chance to ride together sometime this winter!


I’m always trying to upgrade – even if it’s at a snail’s pace.   Here’s a pic of a new helmet that I’ve purchased this year.   This one plugs into the sled and keeps the visor from fogging up/freezing.  I’ve “needed” this helmet for a long time!


Lesa and I enjoy having a fire on the ice, and this trip was no exception.  So in the morning before we headed back on Saturday, we enjoyed our tradition – it was a great day, quiet and beautiful, and perfect for a fire….


Unfortunately the weather has now turned warm up north.   Right now as I type this, its 45 degrees and sunny in St Germain.   And it’s supposed to be overly warm the next 6 days and rain at least 2 of those days.   So the nice trails we’ve had are quickly leaving us.   There are several guests scheduled to come up and ride over the next few weeks – some of which weren’t able to come up last year because of unseasonably warm weather….so I’m pretty bummed that it looks like we will probably have the same issue again!   I can only hope for cold, cold, cold, and snow, snow, snow.

Please check back again in a couple of weeks – I hope I have lots to share!




One thought on “Winter is here!!!!

  1. So, did Ryan give them some pointers at the Sister’s Saloon cause those entrees sure look yummy!!! Hope you get your cold temps and snow cause know how much you look forward too and enjoy traversing those snowmobile trails.


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