Back on those trails!

We got some more snow!

We finally got a little snow….it wasn’t much, but was enough to be able to get the sleds back out on the trails.

Unfortunately the Tulsa group – Ralph, Julie, Curtis, and Brenda – had to cancel their trip because that little bit of snow came right after they were supposed to be there.   We’ve rescheduled though, for later on in March – here’s to more snow in March!

There’s still lots to do though in the northwoods even if a person can’t snowmobile!  So Travis and Logan DeGolier came out for a few hours of ice fishing.   Logan is a bundle of energy and absolutely loves to fish.   We played a lot of Frisbee games until one of our flags would go up.   Here’s a picture of Logan and then a picture of our playing Frisbee – great way to pass the time!



Pretty soon one of our flags went up and Logan and Travis worked the fish to the top of the ice!



A short while later, another flag went up and the battle began….




Was a fun day.   While we packed up Travis’ truck, Logan couldn’t resist some sledding down the driveway.   Here’s a picture sequence of Logan zipping down the driveway!





The next day we began to get a little snow – not much, but enough to ride.   And on January 31st, Scott and Zach Deutsch drove up from southern Indiana to do a little riding.   It was great to see them.   Scott had been up once before but this was Zach’s first time snowmobiling.    Since it was late in the day we decided to not ride that day, but instead had a fire on the ice.   Was a relaxing evening watching the fire and enjoying the stillness of the outdoors…


The next day – Wednesday – we were up and at ‘em riding to Sayner, Star Lake, and then St. Germain.   Here’s a pic along the trail of Scott and Zach….


Wednesday was a pretty short day only doing about 50 miles.   Thursday though we rode a little further.  We rode up to Pope’s Gresham Lodge, then to Howlin’ Dog Saloon in Mannitowish Waters.   From there we rode east and came into Star Lake from the north.   From Star Lake we rode south through Sayner and then a little east to St. Germain.   We stopped at Sister’s to say hello and then rode west and stopped at Blink Bonnies for dinner.   Here’s a couple of pictures along the trail.



After dinner we had a great ride home – there’s something special about a night ride.   The woods were absolutely beautiful and the trails were in really good shape.   We put in 104 miles on Thursday.  It was a great day.   We had a nice fire in the family room – but we didn’t last long – sleep came easy that night.

We’ve had a “neat” visitor around the cottage lately…hope he/she stays!


Friday, we were up at ‘em.   While getting the sleds ready to ride, we dropped a plugged-in face shield heater cord on one of the sleds and shorted out the sled screen!   So, we jumped on the sleds and rode them to R&R Motorsports and they fixed the problem….a burned out fuse.   It was a nice 32 mile round trip to the dealer.   From there we rode down to Lake Tomahawk.   And then rode up to Sayner, and then back home.   Was a short day but we still got in 71 miles.

At home we had a fire on the ice and relaxed before dinner.

The next morning, Scott and Zach headed for home at 5:00 am.   It was a great few days of riding with them and it passed too fast!

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