Has it been that long?

The last time I posted a blog it was February and we were snowmobiling.     Now we’re fishing!

It seemed like it took forever for May to get here!  But finally it arrived….and with it the Wisconsin game fishing season.

Scott Hootman, Mike Toombs and I headed out to a few local area lakes in the Minocqua area.   The fish really weren’t on the beds yet, but were getting close.   It was a cold and windy weekend but we were pretty successful.   Most of the fish came to the boat on the Ned Rig – they just don’t seem to be able to pass that bait by.

Here are some fish that we caught in mid-May…..


Mike Toombs smallie 1




Chip smallie 3


The last week of May, my brother Phil came up for a couple of days of fishing before family members came up from Indiana.   Phil and I did pretty good figuring out where we could go when the rest of the group came up.  Please forgive Phil for being a Cardinal’s fan!





It’s always a lot of fun when the family comes up and this year was no exception.  Gene, Fuzzy, and Jackson joined me and Phil.   There were fish on the beds but the water was pretty high, so often it was difficult seeing the beds.

A typical day when they’re up here is breakfast at home, fish a lake, have lunch somewhere out, fish another lake, then come home and have a beverage, dinner, and spend some time catching on largemouth off the pontoon boat.   It doesn’t get much better than that!   Here are a few pictures from week….












In mid-June Lesa and Dwain came up.   Dwain loves to panfish with his favorite being crappie.   Fishing was slow because it was rainy and windy a lot of the time.   But we were able to send Dwain home with a couple of messes of crappie and bluegill.   Lots of fun!



I’ve fished a couple of club tournaments already.   The first one was pretty tough – it was early May and we were fishing a lake that was not known for bass.   I missed a check by .05 of a pound.   Arghhhhh!

The second tournament was on Father’s Day on the 18th of June.   It was windy and rained most of the day – not a pleasant day.   But once again, the Ned Rig came through and I caught a 9# bag of smallies.   I just barely squeaked out a win!   Pretty lucky, but I’ll take it!

tourney pic

Stay tuned – there are lots more fishing days coming up and I’ll do my best to update the blog more frequently.

Hope everyone’s having a great summer fishing!

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