Arrived in southern Illinois on Tuesday evening.  It was good to connect again with two of my cousins – Bill and Bruce Bennett.  The weather wasn’t conducive to being outside so we sat inside their cabin and visited.  As the evening crept on there were rumblings in the southwest and streaks of lightning flashed across the sky.   The coyotes in the area must have known a weather change was on the way because they were really active and the pack was pretty large –  there was a lot of yipping and howling going on. Continue reading


I’ve added several new snowmobile pictures and a lot of verbiage about some of our trips this year – please check out this new post by clicking on the Snowmobile menu choice.

Enjoying the Outdoors

This blog is a collection of pictures and blog entries from my fishing, hunting and snowmobile trips.  I’ve been blessed to have ample opportunity to enjoy God’s great outdoors.  And I do my best to take advantage of all the chances He’s provided.  Please enjoy these blog entries and let me know what you think!